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A Decade of Advances In Smart Home Technology

We’re proud to announce that Limelight is celebrating a decade in business as home automation specialists. It is incredible to think how much smart home technology has evolved in that time, and integrating these products into a home environment is easier than ever before. It’s also increasingly affordable. In this post we’ll run through some of the key advances that have fuelled the smart home revolution over the past few years.

The Rise of Smart Home Technology

Every room in your house is now capable of delivering smart, automated experiences. The most obvious advancements have been in the following areas:

  • High Speed WiFi: Smart homes would be unrecognisable without WiFi. The connectivity that they offer provides a backbone for a wide range of devices. It’s also crucial that this WiFi is fast. Products such as those offered by Unifi and PakEdge deliver fantastic connections and at ultrafast speed. And the entire family can enjoy this. Children can stream their gaming exploits on Twitch while the parents enjoy a film on Netflix. A decade ago we were still installing DVD players.
  • Voice Control: Prone to bugs and recognition errors, voice control was always a difficult technology to master. But things have now changed. You only have to take a look at products such as Alexa and Control4 for evidence of this shift. The frustrations of shouting unsuccessful commands at a device are long gone. Instead, a new level of slick recognition is in. Almost every task around the house can now benefit from voice control. Lighting systems can be turned on with ease and new playlists can be set up within seconds.
  • Home Security: Complex is the best way to describe home security technology from 10 years ago. This complexity came from the amount of wiring involved. And there was a lot. But the need for endless cabling is now over. Thanks to wireless sensors, security cameras can now sync up with a myriad of devices. A decade ago you wouldn’t have been able to tell who was at your front door without getting up. Now with brands like DoorBird you can check on your smartphone.
  • Smart Lighting and Plugs: Home living has been transformed in the last 10 years by smart lighting and plugs. Each room in a house is unique and it needs an intelligent approach to control the lighting. It can be controlled from anywhere in the world, reduces energy costs and gives every room the right mood. Smart plugs are equally intelligent. Using timers, smart plugs can turn electrical devices on and off with a convenience that didn’t exist a decade ago.

The advances in smart technology are clear to see. A decade ago we couldn’t have imagined the levels of accessibility, connectivity and convenience now on offer. And who knows what exciting advances await us over the next decade!

For more information on how Limelight Home Automation can help you achieve your smart home ambitions, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert technicians.