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Control4 CA-1 Controller

The Control4 CA-1 Controller; Affordable Home Automation

The popularity of smart home technology soared in 2017, partly due to the introduction of new consumer grade devices, such as the Amazon Echo range.  Many other manufacturers have sought to capitalise on this interest by producing devices at a more affordable price point to appeal to a broader market segment.

The new CA-1 controller from Control4 is one such example. Sharing many of the capabilities of the other Control4 devices, but at a fraction of the price, it is an appealing purchase for many.

In an interview with CE Pro, Kordon Vaughn the Senior Director of product marketing at Control4, made no secret of the fact that “the new price point really is going to resonate with homebuilders and developers, even hotels.”

As smart home technology has matured over the past few years and started to become more mainstream, we’re finally reaching a point where home automation functionality will be incorporated into buildings as standard, and the low cost controller from Control4 will help to make this commercially viable.

CA-1 Controller Specs

The CA-1 uses the same programming environment as other Control4 devices, making it a simple choice for dealers who are already familiar with the Control4 eco-system.

It offers similar functionality to other devices in the range, with the notable exception of not supporting A/V. This includes control for USB and serial devices, as well as IP and ZigBee. There is also the option to support Z-Wave Plus through an external module.  It is capable of using either standard DC power, or Power over Ethernet.

As with other controllers, the CA-1 sits at the heart of your home automation system, offering orchestration and automation of many devices such as heating and lighting, door locks and security cameras.

The CA-1 is compatible with the standard Control4 app, allowing you to control these devices from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Despite the low price point, the CA-1 boasts the capability of controlling over 100 IoT devices, making it suitable for even the largest home automation projects.

Does the Control4 CA-1 fit your next project?

As the price of home automation technology falls, while the functionality and demand continue to increase, it will almost certainly become an increasingly important part of any build over the next few years.

We anticipate that many developers who had previously ruled out Control4 controllers, like the EA-5 or EA-3, will reconsider integrating smart home technology intro their next projects with the CA-1.

If you’d like more information on how to make the Control4 CA-1 the heart of your smart home ecosystem, or are just looking for some advice on your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our technical specialists by calling 0844 870 4807.

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