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Integrating Underfloor Heating into Home Automation Systems

Underfloor heating is an innovative and energy efficient method of keeping your home warm, so its sudden rise in popularity should come as no surprise. Installing underfloor heating and the complex control systems that accompany it, however, can be a challenge. Thankfully, it’s far from an impossible challenge if it’s tackled correctly by using good designs and installed by a professional.

Understanding your underfloor heating

It’s crucial that you understand exactly how your underfloor heating can integrate with your home automation system, so planning the install should always be your first priority. After all, each room in your house is going to have a unique set of needs based on their dimensions and even the direction they face. And it’s these bespoke needs which underline the importance of working with a home automation system.

Smart controls can be operated either from your phone or a central command unit, either way it grants you some serious control over your heating. And if you can categorise the rooms of your house into specific zones – such as all the rooms at the top, front level of your house – then you will discover that integrating and controlling your underfloor heating becomes a lot simpler. A Multi-zone approach is not only simple, but also allows you to warm your home more effectively and in a manner which is tailored exactly to your needs.

Designing underfloor heating

Designing an underfloor heating system can be a complex task, but it’s one which can bring a wide range of benefits for your entire household. Every home, of course, is unique and this is where the complexity of the design lies. There’s no ‘off the shelf’ option and each design needs to be developed so that it provides a solution to every problem.

By working with professionals who understand the technology and the industry, you can guarantee an integrated system which will operate in perfect harmony with your smart home. The exact needs may vary from project to project, but this is no match for well-honed experience and knowledge. With this on your side, you can rest easy that your underfloor heating design will be delivered with a slickness that causes the minimum of disruption and gives you maximum results.

Troubleshooting underfloor heating with Thermal Imaging

Problematic heating systems can very quickly become a real nightmare as heating is one of the essentials that we need to feel safe and secure. Due to the precise nature and design of underfloor heating, however, diagnosing faults may appear to be an intimidating and daunting task. The truth is, though, that the pain can easily be taken out of this troubleshooting by working with thermal imaging cameras.

Commercial-grade thermal imaging cameras have the ability to detect temperature differences as low as 0.5C, this ensures that thermal imaging surveys are highly effective. Working with a thermal image camera brings a new level of precision to troubleshooting as it allows you to map existing pipework, pinpoint areas of the underfloor heating which are failing to perform and quickly identify any potential water leaks.

Integrating a new underfloor heating system into your existing home automation system doesn’t need to be difficult. The key to success is to work with a design that has been developed by professionals. And when this is backed up by sophisticated maintenance options, underfloor heating could be the smartest move you make.

For more information on designing an underfloor heating system for your smart home, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with one of our expert engineers.

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