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Intelligent Home System, Surrey

Intelligent Home System, Surrey

One of the benefits of implementing home automation in one go is that you can ensure that everything is integrated and that you have a consistent experience throughout your home, with a single control system that unites everything.

A project that we completed recently in Surrey achieved exactly that, with the best in home automation and security spread throughout the home and a foundation of technology in the background that allows everything to be controlled centrally. This was a large project, with extensive work throughout the home, delivered to the highest standards.

Some of the key aspects of this intelligent home project were:

  • AV – AV was a core part of this project, which included a cinema room, as well as TV screens and audio connectivity in virtually every room. The Marantz NR1506 AV Receiver and Just Add Power HDMI over network POE receiver were used throughout.
  • Home cinema – The large, spacious cinema room was one of the key features of this project. The Sony VW11ES 4K projector sits at the heart of the 4K cinema experience, which also includes 13.1.8 channel Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. The Trinnov Altitude 32/24 channel Dolby Atmos processor and Artcoustic speakers ensure the highest possible quality sound.
  • CCTV and Door entry system – The security systems features over 30 CCTV camera dispersed around the property and the grounds, including Hikvision 4mp external dome cameras. The Hikvision 16 Terabyte, 32 channel DVR allows playback of footage on any TV or internet device. The door entry system is built around the Control4 DS2 door station.
  • Full multimedia capability – The system supports virtually every conceivable media type including Apple TV, Sky HD, Blu-ray, DVD, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even VCR.
  • Wireless network system – The Draytek ADSL Router provides Wi-Fi connectivity, with further Wi-Fi access points placed around the building to ensure great signal throughout.
  • Underfloor heating and HVAC integration – The Heatmiser Interface and the Coolmaster Air Con interface are used to provide complete control of the heating and ventilation throughout the house.
  • Lighting – LED mood lighting features in several rooms around the property including the cinema, games room and pool. All rooms also feature Control4 dimmer switches, enabling total control of lighting levels.

At the heart of the system was the Control4 EA5 controller. This high spec controller coordinates all the linked smart devices around the home. We also configured 10 SR260 handheld remote controls, enabling virtually everything in the house to be controlled from a single remote interface.

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Limelight were involved right through the design and implementation of this project, showing the client the ‘art of the possible’ and picking out the most suitable devices, through to ensuring that everything was configured correctly and that the client was comfortable using the system.

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