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A smart alternative to privacy blinds

At Limelight Automation we supply and install easy-to-use switchable smart glass to homes and businesses throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and London.

This new highly functional technology enables the user to effortlessly switch their windows from transparent to opaque at the touch of a switch, allowing for instant privacy whilst maintaining the flow of light.

Smart glass is an intelligent solution that uses technology to alter the properties within the glass instantly turning it from translucent to transparent. Switchable smart glass is also often referred to as intelligent glass or privacy glass.

Collaborating with LT Smart www.ltsmart.com a producer of IoT smart home products, we’ll take care of your switchable smart glass technology – and it’s less expensive than you think. 

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Why choose Switchable Smart Glass?
Who uses Smart Glass?
Smart Home Integration

Smart glass completely removes the need for privacy blinds

This makes it popular with architects, space planners and interior designers as it creates modern, simple and stylish décor – removing the clutter of blinds and curtains.

Maintaining light flow whilst creating privacy also has the benefit of removing the need for artificial light and therefore can help to reduce costs.

Smart glass can be used in many areas of the home

An innovative solution used in modern homes and buildings, especially those overlooked from the outside, or smaller properties where internal spaces can be transformed in to multi-functional areas, and back to open-plan living, in an instant. Smart glass can be used in many areas of the home including windows, bi-fold doors and roof lights, as well as internal partitions in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

Switchable smart glass is becoming more widely used in modern office environments where, from time to time, meetings need to be conducted in total privacy. In commercial and retail settings, it has many more applications. To view a range of applications watch this short video on LT Smart’s website http://www.ltsmart.com/smart-film/

Integrate smart glass into your home automation control

We can install smart glass on its own, or seamlessly integrate the technology as part of your home automation package.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll take care of your switchable smart glass technology – and it’s less expensive than you think. Call us for a quote today 0844 870 4807


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