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Smart Home Security – What are the Options?

Primitive home security systems have been available for decades but the rapid acceleration of smart home technology over the past few years has also led to an explosion of innovative security solutions.

In parallel with this, costs have fallen significantly, and the types of systems that might once have only been a consideration for large corporations, now also make financial sense in a residential setting.

Smart Home Security Options

Modern home security systems are modular in fashion, consisting of many component parts, enabling you to choose just the elements most suited to your needs. This could include:

  • Access control – Door and gate entry systems prevent unauthorised access to your property, and give you an extra line of defence when confronted by unwanted or unexpected visitors. Options include intercom, or video systems, enabling you to see and speak to people without having to open the door, or even pin code entry locks meaning that you no longer have to rely on traditional keys. These systems will also enable you to remotely provide temporary access to delivery services or other people as necessary.
  • CCTV – CCTV systems give you constant vigilance over your property. By leveraging the Wi-Fi network, you can place cameras in a variety of locations without having to install fixed wires. There are a number of different cameras available, including larger visible cameras that also act as a deterrent, and concealed cameras, that can be used indoors without feeling invasive. CCTV can be integrated with the AV systems, enabling you to watch footage on your TV, or even on your mobile when you are away from the property. Furthermore, by using a CCTV app, you can talk through your CCTV to external speakers and therefore warn off any intruders.
  • Security Alarms – Alarm systems are a vital part of any security system, telling intruders that you are aware of their presence, but also alerting neighbours and members of the public. Integration with a monitored alarm service will also enable fast police response. Alarms can also be triggered manually, for instance if an intruder had bypassed sensors, but you had noticed them on the CCTV.
  • Lighting systems – By installing smart lighting systems, you can set lights to come on at set times of day and give the appearance that the house is always occupied. You can also set lights to come on automatically if you are late getting home. Lights can be integrated with the alarm and sensor systems so that they come on when the alarm has been triggered.

All of these devices can be integrated with your smart home controller, enabling the various elements to work together as a single cohesive security system.

Security System design and installation

At Limelight Automation we have experience installing state of the art smart home security solutions in a wide range of residential and commercial properties. We work with our clients to get an in-depth understanding of their specific requirements, before creating a design tailored to their needs.

For more information on smart home security systems, or an overview of the options available, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak directly to one of our experts.

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