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What Is Smart Glass and What Can It Offer Your Home?

Smart devices are becoming more and more commonplace in the home, but did you know that you can even get smart glass? It’s a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s one which is gaining traction thanks to the incredible levels of convenience it offers and its eco-friendly benefits. It may sound like an exciting development in the world of smart homes, but what exactly is it and what can it offer your home?

What is Smart Glass?

Curtains and blinds could soon be consigned to the rubbish bin thanks to the innovative qualities of smart glass. And this is due to the ability of smart glass to automatically dim or brighten to suit the ambient light conditions at any given time. Capable of being used on interior and exterior facades, there are a number of options when it comes to smart glass with the most popular ones being liquid crystal windows and electrochromic (EC) glass.

Liquid crystal windows use a layer of liquid crystals that are sandwiched between two plastic films connected to electrical conductors which are transparent. This construction is then housed between two layers of glass which, when exposed to an electrical voltage, can have their transparency controlled depending on the voltage applied. EC glass, meanwhile, is a smart solution that allows its owners to tint glass thanks to the application of several layers of an EC coating made up of metal oxides. Exposing this EC glass to an electrical charge allows users to manually or automatically tint the glass.

What Can Smart Glass Offer Your Home

Smart glass is clearly a sophisticated method of bringing a level of comfort and luxury to your smart home, but what benefits does it have to offer?

  • Convenience: Rather than having to get up and draw the curtains of an evening, smart glass is intelligent enough to detect changes in daylight outside. Therefore, your windows can be set to automatically start tinting when daylight levels begin to drop and this can free you from the bothersome job of shutting all the curtains/blinds around your house.
  • Eco Friendly: Smart glass is remarkably eco-friendly and also has the potential to reduce your energy bills. Thanks to improved levels of light absorption, reduced electricity bills and optimal shading, homeowners can quickly reduce their energy consumption and benefit from a greener home that embraces natural light.
  • Intelligence: As the name suggests, smart glass is smart. Very smart. In fact, it’s so sophisticated and sensitive that it’s capable of detecting even the slightest changes to interior lighting. So, if you’re settling down to watch a movie in the afternoon, your smart glass can detect the light of your TV and instantly darken to enhance your viewing experience.
  • Space Saving: Minimalism is a popular trend at the moment and, thanks to smart glass, you can maximise your space and the aesthetics of your home. By making the need for bulky blinds and curtains redundant with smart glass, you’re reclaiming valuable real estate within your home and creating a cleaner, sleeker look.

Smart glass is clearly a proposition that your smart home needs to consider. Packed full of benefits not just for the consumer, but also the environment, smart glass is a clever and innovative solution to all your lighting and shading needs.

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