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What is the Barco ClickShare Wireless Presentation System?

Presentations are an essential aspect of business when it comes to informing, promoting and detailing your business operations. However, it’s fair to say that these activities have been somewhat limited in the past due to their lack of accessibility and flexibility. And this has seriously affected the impact of countless presentations. With the introduction of the Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system, though, this is all set to change.

What is Barco ClickShare?

Taking presentations to a whole new level, Barco ClickShare is a wireless system that allows you to transmit content from any number of devices to an equally wide range of displays such as projectors and display screens. Traditionally, this has been achieved by connection cables and, as such, has been a relatively crude and time consuming method to setup. Using the power of WiFi, however, Barco Clickshare allows hosts to begin transmitting content with just a few clicks of a mouse. It certainly sounds like a revolution in presentation, but what are the major benefits?

The Benefits of Barco ClickShare

Accessibility and flexibility are highly valuable commodities in the business world and the Barco ClickShare system cashes in on these through the following benefits:

  • Reduced Setup Times: Previously, the setup process for presentations involved two steps: locating the correct cables and then connecting the cables correctly. Now, anyone who has ever attempted this setup procedure will be well aware that it never runs smoothly and is far from efficient with your time. However, Barco ClickShare has invested heavily in simplicity and effectively makes these two steps redundant due to the ease with which you can setup the system.
  • An Essential Upgrade: Keeping pace with modern times is a crucial element in business and allows you to remain competitive. And the Barco ClickShare system ensures that you not only remain competitive, but can provide enhanced presentations. This can prove highly valuable when treating potential customers to presentations due to the slick presentation methods you can take advantage of.
  • Just One Click Across Several Devices: Users of Barco ClickShare are able to share the screen from their laptop, Android and IoS devices with just one click. This delivers a level of accessibility that is unrivalled by traditional methods and allows a seamless transition between different devices during presentations.
  • Perfect for Rented Rooms: Many presentations are held outside of an organization’s premises in order to maximise attendance, but a drawback of function rooms is that they often require you to interact with unfamiliar presentation systems. With the introduction of the Barco ClickShare system, however, this is no longer an issue. Lightweight and compact, the Barco ClickShare can easily be transported to any location and allows you to get your presentations up and running with minimum configuration.
  • Highly Secure: Presentations often contain sensitive data such as company finances or product development details, so security concerns have always gone hand in hand with content transmitted over a network. Thankfully, Barco ClickShare sidesteps this worry by creating a unique WiFi signal to minimise the risk of your presentation being intercepted by external parties.

For more information on how Barco ClickShare could work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.